Storm Door/Window Policy

Effective 8/23/10

Any homeowner using a storm door over the main door needs to be aware that storm doors with 80% or more of glass may, over a period of time, cause the main door to buckle due to heat build up or other inclement weather conditions.

A storm door is the homeowners’ responsibility.  The type of main door installed at SVCA is not designed to withstand the heat build up that occurs with a storm door of 80% or more glass.  If a homeowner installs this design, the homeowner will assume responsibility and liability for damage caused to the main door, and/or the storm door.  SVCA will not assume any responsibility if these doors cause damage.  It is recommended that homeowners who purchase a storm door that is 80% or more glass, also purchase a screen to change over in the summer months.

Windows must conform with those already installed and be the same as below.

Homeowners’ must maintain the standard color brown, no other colors will be accepted;  this is consistent with the by-laws and the homeowner handbook.  The homeowner must paint any other color to be compliant with the standard brown.  Paint is available at no charge by calling the Management Office.

The SVCA Board understands that it is difficult to match the old storm doors, however, doors similar to the original style (glass with replaceable screen on top and aluminum on the bottom) are available.

New main door color is (Behr Oriental Ivory – Semi Gloss – Premium Plus – Exterior Collection).