Rules and Regulations

The following rules, regulations and restrictions are established in order that all residents may enjoy life at Stonegate Village in safety and peace.

These Rules and Regulations appear as provided in the Master Deed/Declaration filed with the State of New Jersey.

  1. Each unit is intended to be, and shall be, used as a private residence only. (article 12.1Decl.)
  2. Owners will not permit or allow unit to be used in a manner which could be a source of annoyance to residents, or in any way interfere with the peaceful possession, enjoyment and proper use of the Condominium property by the other residents. (article 12.3 Decl)
  3. Owners will not cause or permit anything to be hung or displayed on the outside doors, or placed on the outside walls of the unit or building, without prior written consent of the Association. (article 12.3 Decl.)
  4. Pets are to be leashed at all times when walked. Your pet’s urges should be restrained until you reach the curb and defecation MUST be removed. As per Stanhope Borough Ordinance, cats and dogs must be licensed and leashed.
    No pet may be kept which may cause any annoyance of any kind to neighboring units. Animals should not be fed on the common element at any time. At no time are pets to be tied and left on Common Element or decks.
    If a particular pet related problem persists, all residents are encouraged to notify the Manager.
  5. No unit owner shall make, or cause to be made, any change, addition, alteration or declaration to the Common Elements, except as authorized by the Association. (article 6.13 Decl.)
  6. Restrictions
    1. No landscaping or vegetable gardens are permitted without prior, written authorization by the Board of Directors.
    2. No individual jungle gyrns, swings, hammocks, sand boxes, toys, fountains,
      statues, machinery or equipment are permitted on the Comrnon Elements.
    3. Any alterations or additions to the Common Element requires prior
      authorization in writing from the Board of Directors.
    4. Installation of wood stoves and fireplaces- Notification to the Board and compliance to Borough Ordinance is required.
    5. Kerosene Heaters- It is illegal for a homeowner in an attached dwelling to use kerosene heaters. In addition to the State (BOCA) Code, the Borough of Stanhope’s Statue 92.1, specifically prohibits such use. In addition, the insurance company that covers the Association under the fire and loss
      clause, will not honor the Association’s claim if a portable kerosene or oil burner is involved.
    6. No outside antennas are permitted. Satellite dishes are permitted, need to refer to policy.
    7. Boats, plows heavy machinery and other non-motor vehicles, are not
      permitted in the parking lots.
    8. No Parking Areas- All residents and their guests are reminded that sign­ posted areas and all yellow lined areas are restricted from parking at all times. Also, all entries to the sidewalk from the road should remain clear of parked cars at all times, but particularly during the winter season since these areas will be the only cleared access points. All provisions of Title 39 (Enforcement by Stanhope Police Department of all Motor Vehicles Laws in State of New Jersey, such as speeding, parking, etc.) apply. Violators will be towed at owner’s expense.
      1. No overnight commercial truck parking is permitted.
      2. No vehicles that are unlicensed, abandoned, uninsured or have expired license plates or Inspection stickers may be kept on Common Element. All such vehicles will be removed at the unit owner’s expense.
      3. The Board of Directors may impose additional reasonable parking regulations for temporary or special conditions or circumstances and upon notification to the unit owners.
      4. All motor vehicles must be kept in the appropriate areas of the Common Element. For example, motorcycles may not be stored inside a unit.
      5. All crosswalks must be kept open at all times.
    9. Children’s toys, lounge chairs, bicycles, etc. are to be removed from the Common element after use, and not stored in a common area.
    10. Common courtesy for your neighbors with respect to noise of any kind should be considered at all times.
    11. Decorations are permitted within the following guidelines:
      1. All decorations must be seasonal in nature.
      2. No exterior lighting permitted. Limited seasonal lighting is permitted on owner’s unit Lighting cannot be installed on common area. Unit owner is responsible for safety measures.
      3. No common ground level installations are permitted.
      4. Exterior decorations are to be restricted to a maximum of 2 feet by 2 feet.
        Your adherence to these guidelines and your cooperation in installing only decorations which are appropriate, tasteful and considerate of your neighbors is requested.
    12. Plastic on Windows- Plast’1c is not permitted on the exterior of the windows.
    13. Firewood Storage- Storage of firewood is permitted in the rear of each unit, under the balcony utilizing a raised metal rack to prevent the scourge of termites or carpenter ants and kept at least one foot from the building, but not to be so excessive that the structural integrity of the balcony may be jeopardized. Covers for firewood should be securely fastened and restricted in color to clear, brown, or black. Firewood should be neatly stored. Log splitting is strictly prohibited on the common grounds.
    14. Any changes affecting the outside appearance of your unit must be approved in writing by the Board of Directors. Any changes that are approved must conform to the general appearance of the complex. The original color of all storm doors must be brown to conform to the Common Element.
    15. It is the responsibility of the unit owner to pay any expenses incurred by the
      Association in making repairs or replacements to the Common Elements due to llis/her act, neglect, carelessness, or misuse. (article 11.3 Decl.)
    16. Every unit owner shall comply strictly with the covenants, conditions, and
      restrictions set forth in the Declaration, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations, Resolutions and Decisions, policies and procedures adopted pursuant thereto in the relation to the use and operation of the Condominium, the Units, the Common Elements, and other Condominium Property.
  7. Winterization of Units- All unit owners and renters are advised that they have an obligation and responsibility to properly protect their units during the winter months.The following general precautions are recommended if the unit is going to be vacated for an extended period of time:
    1. Contact Management
    2. Leave your heat on with the thermostat set between 55-60 degrees.
    3. Turn OFF the incoming water to the unit and at the same time turn off your hot water heater.
    4. If the unit is vacated for rnore than 14 days, we require that you have the
      pipes completely drained and then still leave the heat on to otherwise
      protect your unit and the unit adjacent to yours should there be a water line in a common wall

    All unit owners are requested to adhere to these recommendations which are put forth for your benefit and that of your neighbors to reduce or elimi11ate any loss of property resulting from a water pipe break. Similarly, you are reminded that you do have a responsibility to take effort to prevent such an occurrence.

  8. Snow Removal — In order to facilitate the prompt and complete removal of snow from the parking areas, residents are requested to move their cars to previously plowed parking areas thereby permitting the removal of snow from the now vacated spaces. Cars parked on Stonegate Lane MUST be moved when plows are in the area. Residents not available to move cars shall park car off Stonegate Lane. All motorcycles shall be treated in a similar manner.
    Certain considerations must be observed during a snowfall:

    1. When a snowfall is expected, no one should park on our main thoroughfare, Stonegate Lane. You should park in the lots. If you must park on Stonegate Lane, be available to move your car when the plows are here.
    2. Once Stonegate Lane is cleared, the plows will then be available to help anyone who requires assistance.
    3. If you are going to be away for the day, make sure you park in the lots.
      Otherwise, your car may be plowed in, or towed at owner’s expense, if it is unable to be moved. You might consider leaving your keys with a neighbor or friend during such a period.
    4. Remember, all crosswalks MUST remain open at all times.
    5. Clean all decks
  9. Refuse Disposal- All owners are requested to bag all of their garbage in sealed
    plastic containers and place the garbage inside the dumpster, closing the lids afterwards. The dumpsters are owned by the Association and are to be used only for normal household refuse. The dumpsters are are not for discharging business waste, industrial waste, construction debris or automotive parts. Garbage pick-up, placement at wrong times and locations will be at additional expense to the unit owner.
  10. Picnics and social gatherings should be in the rear of the buildings and limited to area by each unit involved. When holding such functions, be considerate of your neighbors
  11. Nothing is to be hung from the decks, i.e. laundry, towels, bedspreads, etc.
  12. The area under the decks should not be used for storage of unsightly items.
  13. Car maintenance MUST be limited to parking areas and kept to a minimum.
    Only emergency repairs may be made. These repairs or maintenance must not be a source of annoyance to neighbors.
  14. RECYCLING -All unit owners or occupants must comply with the requirements
    of a Recycling Ordinance of the Borough of Stanhope. The Board of Directors may adopt reasonable guidelines implementing the recycling requirements.
  15. The Board of Directors rnay adopt reasonable temporary or special rules and regulations for temporary or emergency events, situations or circumstances and upon notification to all units.
  16. The Board of Directors may impose a fine or a penalty upon the unit or unit
    owner for a violation of any and all of the Association rules and regulations. Said fine or penalty may be based upon the costs to the Association to ensure compliance or correct the defect or may involve a penalty not to exceed $500.00for each offense. Any unit owner contesting said penalty may apply to the Board for hearing. The Board’s decision shall be considered final. All penalties assessed will be Incorporated into the unit account maintained by the Association and additional fines may be assessed for late payment. All costs to the Association, including attorney’s fees, involved in the collection of any penalty will be assessed against the unit.
    1. Play will not begin before 8:00a.m., due to noise consideralions
    2. No smoking, eating or drinking on the court.
    3. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult member of the resident family.
    4. Dogs are allowed on the court when not in use for other purposes. Owners must pick up pet waste. Maintain a vigilant yet to be certain that door is closed.
    1. The pool will be open Daily 9 00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. At that time, the pool will be padlocked in order to keep out unauthorized individuals.
    2. The pool capacity, based on its size, is 83 persons
    3. If you have a skin inflammation including excessive sunburn, cold, sore throat, nasal, ear, or eye infections or any other physical problem that can be transmitted through the water, you will be asked not to go into the pool.
    4. If you have any open blisters, cuts or bandages, please do not enter the water.
    5. Animals, except those needed by the physically challenged, are not allowed in the pool area.
    6. Please do not bring food or beverages in the pool area. Smoking is not allowed in the pool area.
    7. For the safety and comfort of other bathers as well as your own please do not run around the pool area or push others, even those you are with, into the pool.
    8. In the event of a storm, especially lightning, the pool will be closed.
    9. Because of the pool depth, no diving is permitted.
    10. Any use of toys or other floating devices in the pool must be supervised by an adult.
    11. Bathers under the age of sixteen must be accompanied by an adult within the pool area. Swimmers under the age of six must be accompanied by an adult in the pool itself.
    12. Anyone under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated by any other means will be prohibited from entering the water for their own and the other bathers safety.
    13. For the comfort and enjoyment of all bathers, radios, CD players and boom boxes are not allowed in the pool area unless headphones are used.
    14. Children in diapers are not permitted in the pool. The pool is checked
      periodically by the Board of Health. Excrement found in the pool water will cause the pool to be closed a minimum of one week per occurrence. Do Not throw residuals of diapers in or around the pool area.
    15. Swimming alone is not permitted.
    16. There is a 10 guest minimum per unit.