Role of the Owners

Owners have the responsibility to read and comply with the governing documents of the Association.  Owners have the responsibility to maintain their property according  to established standards.  It is the owners, not the board members, who generally have the power to amend the declarations (master deed}.  The owners also have the power to amend particular provisions of the by-laws, such as the sale of comn10n property.  This requires consent from a specified percentage of the owners as stated in the by–taws. Along with these rights come obligations.  The owners are obligated to adhere to the restrictions imposed in the governing documents.  Owners are also obligated to share in the financial operation of the community by paying their assessments on time.

The Board enters into contracts for services such as snow removal.  The Board serves as advocates for the Association members.  The Board is available to listen to suggestions, concerns and answer questions that members may have.