Role of the Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is elected by the membership at its Annual Meeting which is conducted each November.  The Board serves without compensation to administer the functioning of the Association.  This is accomplished through the hiring of a Management Ager1t, employees, contractors and professionals, each of whom provides a service essential to maintaining the common element and providing an environment which assures the l1ealth, safety and welfare of all owners, renters and guest.

The Board through the provisions of the New Jersey Condominium Act and in conjunction with the Master Deed and By-Laws is empowered to levy and collect assessments, disburse funds, and establish and enforce rules and policies, etc.  This is done in a manner consistent with applicable laws and in the best interests of the Association.

The Board enters into contracts for services such as snow removal, etc.  Continue to assist, etc.  The Board serves as advocates for the Association members.  The Board is available to listen to suggestions, concerns and answer questions that members may have.

To assist the Board in the operation of the Association, the Board retains the services of professionals, including:  an attorney, an auditor, a manager and engirleer, etc.

The Board meets on a monthly basis.  All homeowners are welcome to attend, check website for meeting schedule.