Renters and the Association

In the event that a unil owner shall lease or permit another to occupy his/her unit, the renter shall be permitted to enjoy the condominium property to the same extent that any owner is entitled.  All tenants are required to adhere to the restrictions and laws as
stated in the Association’s Tenant Lease Agreement.  Additionally, renters must adhere to all rules and regulations in the Handbook.  In the event of a violation, the renter and unit owner will be notified.  In all cases, the unit owner shall be responsible for all actions of his/her renters and will be held liable in all instances.

Owners must secure a copy of “Tenants Lease” and “Lease Rider” from Management to be used by the unit owners when unit is to be rented.  All such leases must be current and filed with the Association.  In addition, a copy of Landlord’s lease agreement must also be on file at least 10 days prior to the occupation of the unit, and before a tenant takes occupancy of said unit.  If not, a penalty fee will be assessed.  It is also required that Management be notified (in writing) when a unit is vacant.  Also, all lease riders must be signed.

The “Lease Rider” protects the rights of the Association.  If a unit owner is in arrears, the Association may request that the tenant make payment to the Association of its rent and the Association will apply same to Unit Owners outstanding balance.

The Renter-Vehicle questionnaire is mandatory.