Relationship Between the Association and the Borough

Stonegate Village is a semi-auto11omous and self-sufficient community located within the Borough of Stanhope.  The prope1iy is privately owned and controlled by the members, but is still subject to local government regulations concerning the health, safety and welfare of its residents.  The Borough is the taxing authority for real estate taxes, sewer and water taxes.

The Association relies upon the Borough for fire, police and emergency services.   All residents and guests must comply with all motor vehicle and traffic codes.  In addition to public safety services, the Association benefits from public health enforcement.

Under the Kelly Act, N.J.S.A. 40:67-23.5, the Association enters into a written agreement with the Borough for annual reimbursement for street lighting, leaf collection, removal of snow and ice and collection and disposal of solid waste.

The Board encourages your active participation in the affairs of the Borough.