Policy Concerning Replacement of Windows and Patio Doors

This policy has been adopted by the Board of Directors of Stonegate Village Condominium Association to clarify the procedures, materials and other issues concerning the replacement of windows or patio doors.  Prior to the start of the replacement project, the homeowner should contact the Association’s management company with the make and manufacturer of the windows or doors. The management company will review the proposed project and contact the Association’s maintenance contractor for oversight of the project. The contractor that the homeowner engages with must provide certificate of insurance to the Association’s management company, to protect the Association from injury or damage to persons or property during the replacement project. The Association’s management company must be notified of the approximate start date of the project so that the Association’s maintenance contractor can provide oversight. The replacement windows shall generally conform with the appearance of the original windows and doors (no bay windows, etc.).  The color of the windows and doors shall be Royal Brown, beige or Tan, Royal Brown is the standard contractor color used by the Association on all metal/coil replacement.  White or other colors are never acceptable for windows or doors.  During and after the installation of replacement windows and patio doors, the homeowner is responsible to make sure that all flashing, caulking and sealing was done properly.  A replacement project that has been sealed incorrectly can have a negative impact on the structure of the building, especially in the buildings that have upper and lower units, for years to come.  All work shall be performed in a neat workmanship manner.  It is the responsibility of the homeowner’s contractor to remove existing and new material from the site.  Contractors may not use Association dumpsters.