Policy Concerning Deck Canopies

This policy is enacted to clarify issues concerning the installation and
maintenance of canopies on decks.  If a homeowner hires a contractor to
install a canopy, the contractor should have a copy of an insurance
policy and workman’s comp for the Management company of the Association
prior to starting work.

*Color should be solid brown or tan

*Owners of Association maintained decks must request approval before
installation and be responsible for any damage to the decks(ex. screws
splitting wood during installation, holes if canopy is removed, etc.)This
will also apply to future owners of that unit.  The Association will be
held harmless for any damage to the decks.

*Canopy must be maintained and kept in good condition.  Torn canopies or
canopies repaired with duct tape can not be left up.

*There are no supplier restrictions

*Canopy can cover deck, but not extend beyond.

*This policy is for canopies on decks and not for use on common area.

*There are no shape restrictions.

*Canopy tops must be removed at the end of the season