Pet Regulations

All Pet Owners are required to follow the rules and regulations of both Stonegate Village and the Borough of Stanhope.

Curb your dogplease clean up after you dog(s). Leaving dog feces on the ground is not only discourteous to other members of the community, but it makes lawn care difficult for our lawn service.  Also, letting your pet urinate on the common grounds leads to odors, especially during the height of the summer heat; and it destroys the lawn.  THERE ARE MANY AREAS FOR YOUR PET TO URINATE THAT ARE NOT IN CLOSE PROXIMITY TO OUR HOMES.  Please be a responsible and good neighbor and be courteous to all in the community.

Leash your dog – dogs must be kept on a leash at all times.  No pet is permitted to run unleashed  in the community.  At this time the only place you may unleash your dog is in the tennis court when there is no one using it for activities.

Violators of these pet ownership rules will be reported to the town of Stanhope.

Stanhope’s ordinance regarding pet ownership states:

“No person owning or having the care, custody or control of any dog or cat shall suffer or permit such dog or cat to:


Soil or defile or do any injury or damage to any lawn, vegetable garden, shrubbery, trees, flowers, driveway, ground or any property of persons other than that of the owner or person having the care, custody or control of such dog or cat.


Cause any injury to any person.


Bark, cry, whine, howl or otherwise disturb the peace or quiet of the neighborhood or the sleep of any person for any unreasonable length of time.


Be or become a public nuisance or to create a condition hazardous to safety and health.


The habitual barking, howling, whining or crying of a dog or dogs or the howling of a cat or cats in the Borough of Stanhope is hereby declared to be a disturbing noise within the meaning of N.J.S.A. 40:48-1, Subsection 8, and a nuisance.


No person owning, keeping, harboring or having care, custody or control of any dog or cat shall suffer or permit it to run at large.

[Amended 2-23-1993 by Ord. No. 1993-3]


Every dog shall be led by a chain, cord or other leash in the hands of a person capable of leading and controlling such dog.”