Oil Procedure

1.      Send a formal letter to the Board of Trustees of Stonegate Village Condominium Association advising of you intent to install oil heating and advising the manner of installation.

2.      Once reviewed by the Board of Trustees and approval received, a licensed plumber with certificate of insurance, must obtain a building permit from the Borough of Stanhope.

3.      Unit Owner must sign a waiver absolving the Association from any responsibility due to any damages to the common element arising from this installation of oil tank.  Tank must have leak shield.  Further, the unit owner will be responsible for all damages as a result of installation and operation including any problems with EPA.

4.      Any roof ventilation needed will not be permitted until final paperwork is received from Borough and presented to the Board of Trustees.

5.      Any and all damages arising from oil delivery will be the responsibility of the unit owner.

____________________________                  ______________

Unit Owner                                                        Date

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Unit Co-Owner                                                  Date

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Contractor                                                         Date