Maintenance Fee/Membership Fee

Services covered in the maintenance  fee:

1.   All lawn and shrub maintenance
2.   Snow Removal
3.   Insurance Coverage- fire insurance on building structure and liability on exterior areas only.
4.   Sewer and water usage charges for common element only.
5.  Administrative and operating expenses.
6.   Exterior building maintenance
7.   Maintenance of common element and facilities
8.   Street lighting
9.   Solid Waste Collection
10  Stonegate Lane and Water Main Maintenance

Maintenance Fee Payments

The Association maintains one account per unit.  All assessments, interest, fees and penalties are recorded in the same account.  All unit owners are required to keep their accounts current.

Monthly maintenance fees are due and payable to Stonegate Village Condominium Association on the first of each month.  Should an account balance not be paid in full by the 1Oth of the month, a late charge of $35.00 will be assessed to your unit.  Liens will be placed on units owing four (4) months.  Collection measures in place will start to take place on units in excess of two (2) months to $1,000 00.

Unit numbers must be shown on all checks and correspondence  so that the proper accounts may be credited.  All questions on your account should be referred to Management.

Work Orders

If you need external maintenance on your unit, call or email a note to the Management Office.

Membership Fees

A one-time membership fee is required of all new owners.  The fee is $2000.00 and payable to Stonegate Village Condominium Association at the time of closing.  The fee is assessed as a capital contribution, dedicated to capital improvements for the common element.

Pool Fee- In order to obtain a key there is a non-refundable fee of $75.00. Replacement  Pool Key-  $75.00