Would you like to be more involved in our community?  Have a special talent, skill or interest?  The Board would love to have you join a committee to help us make Stonegate Village a vibrant and welcoming place to live.   We look forward to working with you!!!

Here are a number of committees and their functions.  Many committees have not been active for some time.  If you are interested in joining one of the committees, please submit your name on the contact form page or drop off submissions to the lock box at the office located at building 19 (facing the tennis court). 

Landscape:  Input  and suggestions for the landscape throughout the complex, including lawn maintenance, foliage, trees, shrubs, plantings, etc.  The committee will make recommendations to the Board.

Contract:  The contract committee would help in finding  contractors for projected work to be done in the complex.

Newsletter:  Produce four-six issues per year to develop a sense of community and keep residents informed of the many goings-on in Stonegate Village.

Resolution:  Every HOA in New Jersey must have a Resolution Committee to mediate issues that may arise between neighbors and/or the Association.   The purpose is to introduce a calm voice to help find a reasonable solution to the concern.

Pool:  Perform opening and closing of the pool gate each day, testing and logging of water samples.  Some training is required.

Social:  Make suggestions to the Board regarding social events for the community, including planning and implementing these events.

The Board will review all volunteer applicants at their monthly meetings.  If you have any questions please submit them on the contact form page.