Bulk Item Collection Guidelines (3rd Friday of each month)

1)  Bulk pick up is done in Stonegate on the third (3rd) Friday of each month. Please follow the guidelines for disposing of bulk items listed below.  Pick-up dates for 2021 are:

                              January 15                    February 19                     March 19

                              April 16                            May 21                                June 18

                             July 16                               August 20                           September 17

                            October 15                      November 19                   December 17

2) Bulk items are anything that CANNOT be put in the trash dumpster because of size and weight or will excessively over fill the dumpster,  i.e., items that weigh more than 60 lbs or are more than 5 feet (60 inches) tall .  Construction materials are not permitted.

3)  Pick up of all bulk items is free.

4)     Place your bulk items on Stonegate Lane the day/night before bulk pick up is scheduled.  No  bulk items are to be placed on Stonegate Lane prior to or after this time or a $100 fine will be imposed both by the town as it is violation of town ordinance and because it violates the SVCA Declaration.

5)     Please do not place these items by individual dumpsters.  If you do, we will have to pay extra to have it picked up and this costs us all.