Application for Satellite Dish/Antenna

All members/Applicants must be in good standing with all dues paid in full.  Approval is made by the Stonegate Village Condominium Association Board of Trustees.  Per Article 11.3 in the Stonegate Village Articles of Declaration, which states “It is the responsibility of the unit owner to pay any expenses incurred by the Association in making repairs or replacements to the Common Element due to his/her act, neglect, carelessness or misuse. Any installation must include a dish mount system that is specified by the board and is included with this application.  If approval is given member/applicant assumes responsibility for all costs and future repairs to roofs, shingles, siding of any exterior part of the building that was damaged and/or found to be attributed to improper installation.  This responsibility passes on to any/all future owners and therefore must be declared each and every time the unit is sold.  The prospective buyer must sign a hold harmless agreement prior to the closing on the sale of the unit.  Each application is considered on an individual basis and a decision is rendered as to the acceptable location for the equipment as quickly as possible.  No holes may be made on the sides of the buildings.


Name: ___________________________________________________________

Address: _________________________________________

Unit #: _____________

Type of Equipment to be installed: _____________________________________

Size of Dish: __________________________________________________________

Contractor/Installer: __________________________________________________

Area Installation: _____________________________________________________

Certificate of Insurance must be attached.

Approximate Date of Installation: ______________________________________


Member/Owner Signature

DATE: ___________________ APPROVED: _______________________




Date:  __________________________

I, __________________________________ am buying Unit #_____, Stonegate Village Condominiums,____ Stonegate Lane, Stanhope, NJ.  The satellite dish, currently attached to this Unit, will be removed and any necessary repairs will be made prior to closing.  I agree to hold the Stonegate Village Condominium Association, Inc. harmless for any leaks or damage due to holes put into the roof and/or siding of this Unit resultant from satellite dish installation and/or removal.  It is the responsibility of the seller to warranty any damages done by this install/removal.

________________________    __________________________

Buyer – name printed                  Seller – Name printed

________________________    __________________________

Buyer – signature                        Seller – signature

Please complete and return to Patrician Associates, Management for Stonegate Village Condominiums.  Thank You!