Today (July 14th) we were informed by Interstate Waste that our bulk pick up dates are changing as of this month(July 2021).  The new schedule is:
                 Last Wednesday of the month will be bulk pick up
                 Last Thursday of the month will be bulk metal pick up.
Remaining Bulk dates for 2021 are:
Regular bulk:   July 28     August 25      September 29     October 27     November 24    December 29
Metal bulk:      July 29     August 26      September 30     October 28     November 25    December 30


Stonegate Board of Trustees Meeting——-July Monthly Meeting Held Via Zoom————–Tuesday, July 13, 2021—-7:00P.M. 

If you have any concerns, please attend via Zoom:

****Patrician Associates will text the Zoom log-in information on Monday, July 12.  If you are not registered to receive text/emails/calls from Patrician, you can call them at 973-284-0900 to register.

The Zoom log-in information:

1.  Go to

2.  Select:  join a meeting

3.  Enter meeting ID and Passcode (below)

Meeting ID: 973 6530 4168

Passcode: 143236

HONEYWELL ALERT SYSTEM –  Please register with our management company at 973-284-0900 to receive  calls/texts/emails/alerts regarding Stonegate Village.

There is an uptick in the amount of dog feces throughout the complex and especially in front of Building 20. Please read the “pet regulations”–the town ordinance and Stonegate regulations require cleaning up after your pet.

The Board is seeking unit owners to fill committee seats.  If you would like an opportunity to get involved, please see the “Committees” tab on the home page.

Reminder – All cats and dogs are required to be licensed. The license is available through the Borough Clerk’s office at 77 Main Street, Stanhope during the hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm.  2021 licenses acquired after April 30th may incur a late penalty.


  1. Remove toys, bikes, chairs, tables and other items from the common area so the lawn care service can mow all areas.
  2. UNDER DECK STORAGE:  NO automotive tools/materials or construction tools/materials can be stored under decks or on the common element.