On January 8, 2024, Governor Phil Murphy signed into law, effective immediately, legislation that addresses two important concerns for community associations:  1) protecting the structural integrity of certain residential communities;  2) imposing new requirements on community associations to conduct reserve studies and fund accordingly.

Having said that, Stonegate Village Condominium Association has taken measures per the reserve study law and has engaged the services of an engineering company to do the fiscal reserve study.  Once the results of this study are received, the Board of Trustees will report to the membership as this will impact the Association financially.  Guidance will be given to the Association to fund the reserve on a threshold basis.  As the complex is older, this reserve study will be assistance for the future.  The implementation of this reserve study is a mandate per this legislative act and must be done by December 2024.

The structural integrity act needs to be implemented by 2025, but based on the criteria of the act, various condominiums may be exempt.  We will apprise upon receipt of this knowledge.

MESSAGE FROM THE BOARD PRESIDENT                       February 2022
Please keep in mind our pipes, roads/lots, and tennis court are all old. These are big items that will need to be done in coming years. The road will most likely hang on longer than the pipes and tennis court. We’ve been trying to save where we can in hopes to start tackling some of this. I wanted to mention this for the transparency so everyone has the same information.
As for committees, please see list of committees available on this site. If you have an interest, you can submit your name directly on the website. Committee size can vary but we’d need at least 2 members.  We haven’t had any committees for some time so it’d be great if anyone was interested.  We need to work together to continue making improvements and moving in a positive direction!
Tania Cruz


 APPLIANCES WILL NO LONGER BE PICKED UP ON BULK PICK UP DAYS.  Please call Stanhope Boro Hall for information on how to properly dispose of these items. 

HONEYWELL ALERT SYSTEM –  Please register with our management company at 973-284-0900 to receive  calls/texts/emails/alerts regarding Stonegate Village.

There is an uptick in the amount of dog feces throughout the complex and especially in front.  Please read the “pet regulations”–the town ordinance and Stonegate regulations require cleaning up after your pet.

The Board is seeking unit owners to fill committee seats.  If you would like an opportunity to get involved, please see the “Committees” tab on the home page.

Reminder – All cats and dogs are required to be licensed. The license is available through the Borough Clerk’s office at 77 Main Street, Stanhope during the hours of 8:30am – 4:30pm.  2021 licenses acquired after April 30th may incur a late penalty.


  1. Remove toys, bikes, chairs, tables and other items from the common area so the lawn care service can mow all areas.
  2. UNDER DECK STORAGE:  NO automotive tools/materials or construction tools/materials can be stored under decks or on the common element.