Disposal of Electronics

The Borough of Stanhope requires you to dispose of Electronic equipment listed below by taking it to the DPW yard on 7 Smith Street off Sparta Stanhope Road.  You can go on a Wednesday or a Saturday.

Computers – Laptops – Monitors – Televisions – Desktop Printers and printer/fax/copiers/scanners combinations – Computer peripherals including keyboard, mouse, hard drives and other devices – Fax Machines – DVD, VHS players and other video players (ie–DVR’s)

Register Ready


Register Ready is a NJ Special Needs registry designed to help emergency responders locate and safely evacuate people who could find it difficult to help themselves in the event of a major disaster such as a hurricane or flooding.  If you or a family member would need assistance to get to a safe environment due to physical or cognitive limitations, language barrier or lack of transportation you may register by logging on to calling 2-1-1 toll free of calling the Sussex County Office of Emergency Management at 973-579-0380.

How Safe Is Your Home for your family and visitors?


Home safety incorporates a variety of components including but not limited to prevention of fall, poison control, fire safety, burn protection and choking and suffocation.  Some safety tips from the Home Safety Council include:

*Have good lighting over stairs, steps and landings

*Keep stairs clear of clutter

*Keep cleaners, medication, beauty products out of the reach of children

*Have working Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors working

*Stay by the stove when cooking

*Keep hot water heaters at 120 degrees to prevent burns