Here are a number of committees and their mission statements.  Many committees have not been active for some time.  If you have a skill set relevant to a committee or are interested in participating on one of the committees please contact the committee chairperson or Julie at Patrician Associates.

Alternative Funds:  Develop outside sources of income to help off set the expense of operating the complex.  Patty Coppla – Chairperson – two volunteers needed

Alternative Heat Source:  Review current technologies to see if there are new answers to the heating and cooling systems for the complex.  Bill McGraw – Chairperson, Ed Bryant and one volunteer needed.

Audit/Tax:  Work with both the Management Company and the outside accountant to maintain verified accounts for all income and expense control.  Steve Fetics – Chairperson,  two volunteers needed.

Bulletin Board Committee:  Maintain the Bulletin Board and approve all postings.  Steve Fetics – Chairperson.

By-Laws:  Review, update and modify the Association By-Laws.   Chairperson, Steve Fetics and Ed Bryant.

Emergency Maintenance:  Work with the Management Company and Board Members to respond to an emergency situation.  Bill McGraw – Chairperson, Steve Fetics and one volunteer needed.

Insurance:  Bid the insurance needs of the Association on an annual basis.  Steve Fetics – Chairperson,  and two volunteers needed.

Landscape:  The entire look of the complex is the responsibility of this group.  Lawn maintenance, foliage, trees and shrubs.  Ed Bryant – Chairperson, Mike Issler, Steve Fetics, Mary Beth Bryant, Dave Smith, Bill McGraw, Kaitlan McGraw and Mevlut Guven Colak.

Legal:  Supervise the legal actions taken on behalf of the Association and /or at the Association.  Work closely with the Management Company and the Board.  Chairperson and Christine D’Alessio and two volunteers needed.

Legislative:  Attend Borough Council meetings to protect and present the interest of the Association.  Chairperson and two volunteers needed.

Management Bid:  Annually evaluate the performance of the Management Company and if need be, competitive bid the responsibility.  Bill McGraw – Chairperson, Patty Coppla and Steve Fetics.

Newsletter:  Produce six issues per year to inform and develop a sense of community.  Chairperson and two volunteers needed.

Preventative Maintenance:  Review the assets of the Association and work to maximize the performance and duration of all assets.  Steve Fetics – Chairperson, Bill McGraw and one volunteer needed.

Resolution:  Mediate disputes between neighbors and/or the Association.  Michael Issler – Chairperson, Sheila McGraw and Miriam Sherman.

Roofing:  Review of need for roof repairs.  Michael Issler – Chairperson, Bill McGraw and Dave Smith

Social:  Plan events for the community.  Patty Coppla – Chairperson and two volunteers needed.