Bulk Item Collection Guidelines

1)  Bulk pick up is done in Stonegate on the third Friday of each month.

2)  Pick up of all bulk items is free.

3)     Place your bulk items on Stonegate Lane the night before bulk pick is scheduled.  No  bulk items are to be placed on Stonegate Lane prior to this time or a fine will be imposed both by the town as it is violation of town ordinance and because it violates the SVCA Declaration.

4)     Bulk items are anything that cannot be put in a trash can because of size and weight,  i.e., rugs, appliances, mattresses, upholstered furniture, televisions.  All scrap metal, such as, pipe, fencing, auto parts, etc. are also considered bulk.  No building debris will be collected.

5)     Please do not place these items by individual unit dumpsters.  If you do, we will have   to pay extra to have it picked up and this costs us all.

6)     Appliances can be dropped off (for no charge) at Raimo’s Scrap Metal on Route 206 North.  Approximately 2 miles from Stonegate on the left hand side.