Board of Directors

What is the Board of Directors?

The Board of Directors is the governing body of Stonegate Village and consists of five (5) members.  Board members are elected each year by the homeowners of Stonegate Village.  Each year, the management company, Patrician Associates, invites homeowners to run for the Board.  Elections are held in November at the annual meeting.

Board members must be homeowners in good standing and are responsible for making decisions in the best interest of the Stonegate Village community. These decisions include budgeting, maintenance of the common areas, individual resident concerns, social events, etc.

All homeowners are encouraged to participate fully to make Stonegate Village a friendly community in which to live.

Meet Your Board of Directors
Jeff Briggs (Geoff Baadshaug)

I have served on the board for two years, my first year I was recruited by the HOA and my second year I served as board president. I have lived in Stonegate for 5 years with my wife and daughter. I draw off my skill sets in contract negotiation and contract review from my years of working with many for-profit and non-profit organizations both small and large. Prior to my current career I owned a Landscaping company in (Orlando, FL), that has provided me with the additional experience of working hand and hand with HOA’s and property management companies. I feel the former gives me great insight and knowledge to continue serving the board with the best interest of the residents and community first. I have enjoyed speaking and becoming friends with many you throughout the community and pride myself on transparency and openness of how the board conducts itself on behalf of us all.

Patricia Coppola

I have lived in Stonegate Village for 31 years with my husband and two children.  I assist my husband in running a busy Certified Public Accounting Office in Nutley, New Jersey and understand the financial aspect of the Association. As a Board Member for many years, I am familiar with the needs of Stonegate.

Tania Cruz

My sons and I have lived here since 2016 and it has felt like home since the moment we saw it. Living here the last two year, I can see an increasing interest and concern in bettering our community  and budget. I look at this as an opportunity for growth and knowledge. I feel that with 16 years experience in the Mortgage Industry, working alongside different attorneys and companies, makes me a great fit to the Board of Trustees. I cannot make any promises, however I can put forth my best effort ensuring things are done differently and more effectively in in creating a better and more positive future Association and all its Residents.

Mary F. Soccio

I have lived in Stonegate for the past 31 years, moving from Netcong in 1987. I was educator for 36 years, beginning my career as an English teacher at our local high school, Lenape Valley Regional and then working as a School Counselor and finally, Director of Student Personnel Services.  I believe my education and work experience give me the skills to assist in resolving the many and varied issues that arise in our community.  I also believe the goal of the Board is to grow our reserves  while beautifying and updating our community.